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In IPL 2024, BCCI will implement the Smart Replay System: Report

<p>According to a report on Tuesday, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) plans to use the Smart Replay System in the next Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2024 in an effort to improve decision-making speed and accuracy.</p>
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<p>According to an ESPNcricinfo article, the TV umpire will have access to more visuals than he had before, including split-screen views, thanks to the Smart Replay System.</p>
<p>With the Smart Replay System, the TV umpire will get views from eight of Hawk-Eye’s high-speed cameras across the ground, straight from two Hawk-Eye operators who will be seated in the same room as the umpire.</p>
<p>According to the source, “under the new system, the TV broadcast director, who until now served as a conduit between the third umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators, will no longer be involved.”</p>
<p>Additionally, according to ESPNcricinfo, a two-day session on the new method was held by BCCI for a select group of umpires on Sunday and Monday in Mumbai. It has been discovered that during the 2024 Indian Premier League, which begins on March 22, about 15 umpires—including both foreign and Indian umpires—will use the Smart Replay System.</p>
<p>Every game has eight Hawk-Eye cameras: two on each side of the square leg and two along the straight boundary on each side of the field. Ball tracking and Ultra Edge were the main applications for Hawk-Eye cameras prior to IPL 2023.</p>
<p>Thus, apart from evaluating LBWs and edges, the broadcaster mostly utilized their own camera video for any on-field referral.</p>
<p>Referrals for stumpings, run-outs, catches, and overthrows will all be included in the new Smart Replay System. The TV umpire will use the Smart Review System to request that the split screen be examined by the Hawk-Eye operators after a stumping referral.</p>
<p>TV umpire tri-vision, which is essentially a single frame of footage from both side-on and front-on cameras, will be shown during stumpings using the new technology.</p>
<p>It is anticipated that the TV umpire’s and the Hawk-Eye operator’s talks will be shown live, giving viewers a greater understanding of the reasoning behind the choices.</p>
<p>A comparable referral procedure was previously tested by the ECB in the Hundred.</p>

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