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CoinEx’s June Brand Day is coming, with 50% off on TON 

In the first quarter of 2024, the Memecoin frenzy peaked, becoming a major highlight in the TON DeFi field. As an important part of the TON ecosystem, Memecoin is innovative in technology and supported by an active community that has strongly contributed to its development. The significant price increases of TON and Notcoin have recently driven the Memecoin in the TON ecosystem to new heights, attracting considerable market attention and sparking numerous discussions and expectations. The TON ecosystem has thus gained unprecedented popularity, demonstrating market recognition of Memecoin and further validating the immense potential of the TON ecosystem’s future development.


Amid such rapid market changes, CoinEx, a leading global cryptocurrency platform, has always been at the forefront of the industry, actively responding to user needs and market trends. Over the past week, CoinEx concluded the Tradeboard for the TON ecosystem, receiving enthusiastic feedback. In the upcoming June Brand Day, CoinEx will continue to give back to TON ecosystem users by launching a 50% off for TON on CoinEx Dibs from June 24 to June 27.


Users can purchase TON at an exceptional price on CoinEx, thereby reducing investment costs and increasing returns. This Brand Day event not only accurately addresses users’ investment and trading needs, but also reflects CoinEx’s swift response and proactive leadership in market trends, aiming to enable more users to participate in the future development of the CoinEx platform and the TON ecosystem.


Since January 24, 2024, the CoinEx Brand Day event has been ongoing for six months. During this period, many users have participated in low-discount purchase events for popular tokens across multiple ecosystems and sectors through CoinEx. These activities have provided users with potential investment opportunities and allowed them to enjoy the generous benefits of the CoinEx platform. Through CoinEx Brand Day, platform users have not only increased their investment returns but also participated in the platform’s development, further enhancing their recognition of the CoinEx brand.

About CoinEx

CoinEx, founded in 2017, is a global cryptocurrency trading platform with a “user first” brand ethos. It offers an array of products and services, including Spot, Futures, Margin Trading, Crypto Loans, and Strategic Trading. With a user-driven market orientation, diverse product features, and a commitment to continuous improvement in product services, CoinEx has become an exchange that supports 1,000+ cryptocurrencies, offers 1,500+ trading pairs, and serves over 5 million users in 200+ countries and regions worldwide. We provide our users with a simple, intuitive, professional, and stable platform for cryptocurrency trading, ensuring a smooth journey in their crypto endeavors.

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