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Sourav Dey’s ‘Par Na Karoon Main Bayaan’: A Melodic Ode to Unspoken Bonds

Popular Indie artist Sourav Dey releases his latest track Par Na Karoon Main Bayaan. This melodious track is penned by Garima and beautifully sung by Hardik and Aathira. It is a poignant melody that resonates deeply with the listener’s soul. From its very first notes, the song envelops you in a cocoon of nostalgia and heartfelt emotion. It delves into the ineffable complexities of the heart, exploring the depths of love and friendship where words fail to capture the depth of feeling. “Par Na Karoon Main Bayaan” offers a deeply moving and intimate encounter with the listener’s own untold stories of affection and camaraderie, leaving a lasting imprint on the heart and mind. Speaking about the track he says “Crafting and releasing “Par Na Karoon Main Bayaan” has been an incredibly rewarding journey. The genesis of the song wasn’t planned; it emerged organically during sessions with my friend and lyricist, Garima. Exploring her poetry, I stumbled upon the evocative phrase “Par Na Karoon Main Bayaan,” which inspired me to write a melody around it.”


He also adds ” Excited about our progress, we enlisted the talents of Hardik and Athira to bring the song to life, knowing they were the perfect fit for its emotional depth. The recording sessions were joyous, brimming with creativity and camaraderie. When considering a music video, I immediately thought of my talented friend, Sushant Pandey, as the director. Though initially hesitant, he eventually came aboard after fruitful discussions. Baadol joined as our DOP, and gradually, our team took shape. Supported generously by the ethnic fashion brand ‘trueBrowns’, we chose to film in Bolpur (Shantiniketan), West Bengal, a decision that added layers of cultural richness to our song. Despite facing unique challenges along the way, the synergy among our team members made the journey both fulfilling and enjoyable.” 


Speaking about the success of the song he says “Reflecting on our accomplishments, I couldn’t be prouder of the song and the impact it’s had. The positive feedback and heartfelt responses from our audience inspire us to continue creating meaningful experiences. Hearing how deeply our listeners and viewers connect with the song is truly humbling. We’re grateful for their support and eager to continue sharing stories that resonate with them.”


The music video is filmed in the captivating locale of Bolpur, this narrative unfolds amidst the town’s scenic charm and the quiet allure of Joba Phool (Hibiscus), symbolizing sweetness, love, and friendship that often remain unspoken. The music video is a collaboration with “trueBrowns”.  Each note and lyric softly mirrors the delicate threads of emotions interwoven between friends, reflecting bonds that withstand the test of time without the need for words. Let the serene landscape of Bolpur and the subtle whisper of the blooming Hibiscus (Joba Phool/Gudhal), take you on an emotional journey that celebrates the unsaid but profoundly felt connections that bind us. 

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