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Actress Assault Case: Kerala High Court Turns Down Motion to Reverse Malayalam Actor Dileep’s Bail

<p>In relation to the 2017 actress assault case, the Kerala High Court decided on Wednesday not to rescind the bail granted to Malayalam cinema star Dileep. This verdict came about as a result of the prosecution’s 2022 appeal against the Ernakulam Additional Special Session Judge’s finding, which had denied the state’s request to revoke Dileep’s bail, which the High Court had earlier issued in 2017.</p>
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<p>A report in Latestly stated that Justice Sophy Thomas, sitting alone on the bench, stated that “it may tend to appear that the learned judge has made up her mind as to the destruction of evidence, threatening the witness, etc. alleged by the prosecution,” given the trial court’s observations and findings.</p>
<p>The trial court’s remarks and conclusions in the ruling are exclusively for the purpose of disposing of Crl. MP 891/2022 shall not impact the evaluation of evidence in SC 118/2018 (main case),” the bench said. The experienced trial judge must evaluate the evidence in SC 118/2018 without regard to any of the conclusions and remarks in Annexure E Order.</p>

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