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John Cena and Dua Lipa are hoping to work together on a “buddy cop movie”

<p>John Cena, an American actor and professional wrestler, is eager to expand his partnership with Albanian singer-songwriter Dua Lipa. On a recent appearance of “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, the 46-year-old actor and former WWE star discussed the sort of movie he would want to collaborate on next with the 28-year-old “Houdini” singer, according to People.</p>
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<p>“Man, I would love to do like a buddy cop movie with her,” Cena said to Stephen Colbert, the morning show.<br />
In the 2023 summer hit “Barbie,” Cena and Lipa costarred as Merman Barbie and Mermaid Barbie, respectively. In the much awaited action thriller “Argylle” (2024), they also shared a role as a spy writer who finds out that the stories she writes about are really occurring. In the movie, Lipa portrays Argylle’s (Henry Cavill) adversary, Lagrange, while Cena plays his closest buddy.<br />
People claims that Colbert, 59, sent the Suicide Squad actor a parody billboard for a fictitious film named “Beautee and the Braun,” with the slogan, “You’ve Cena them together in Dua other movies,” after learning of Cena’s next intended collaboration with the British singer.<br />
Cena said, “Well, I’ll be back to promote that project, sir,” before Colbert gave him the storyline.<br />
The presenter said, “The twist is, you’re the beauty, she’s the Braun.” Colbert said, “They can’t see these baby blues like I can,” in response to Cena’s quip about how the crowd didn’t grasp the concept.<br />
Earlier in the chat, Cena revealed to Colbert that the two filmed Argylle before Barbie and that, because to their extreme beauty, he felt uneasy being on set with Cavill, 40, and Lipa. According to People, the singer calmed him down by becoming the first to publicly acknowledge that she had stage anxiety.</p>

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