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Renowned Film Trade Expert Komal Nahta Partners with Cinewingz Creations and Reltic Pictures to Revolutionize Mentorship in the Indian Film Industry

India, 03 February 2024 – Breaking new ground in the Indian film landscape, esteemed film trade luminary Mr. Komal Nahta,  visionary behind ‘Film Information Magazine’ , has forged a transformative alliance with Mr. Shashank Srivastava of Cinewingz Creations and Mr. Prashant Kumar Gupta of Reltic Pictures. This formidable collaboration aims to redefine the mentorship paradigm for emerging film directors and producers.


With an illustrious career spanning decades, Mr. Komal Nahta brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise and insights to this groundbreaking venture. From his formative years to becoming a revered authority, Mr. Nahta’s journey epitomizes a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics propelling films to success in the market. By joining forces with Cinewingz Creations and Reltic Pictures, Mr. Nahta embarks on a mission to empower individuals driven by a fervent passion for the art and commerce of filmmaking.




Central to this partnership is the launch of a pioneering initiative – comprehensive courses on film production accessible through the platform  Curated by Mr. Nahta himself, these courses promise an immersive exploration of the business facets underpinning film production, encompassing budgeting, financing, and strategic distribution methodologies.


The announcement of this visionary collaboration has reverberated throughout the industry, eliciting effusive praise and congratulations from luminaries and veterans alike. Esteemed celebrities and industry stalwarts commend the unwavering commitment of Mr. Komal Nahta, Mr. Shashank Srivastava, and Mr. Prashant Kumar Gupta to nurture talent and cultivate a culture of continuous learning within the Indian film fraternity.




Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Komal Nahta remarked, “Embarking on this odyssey of mentorship and education alongside Cinewingz Creations and Reltic Pictures fills me with unparalleled excitement. Together, our mission is to equip aspiring filmmakers with the pragmatic knowledge and strategic acumen essential for navigating the fiercely competitive landscape of film production.”


Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Shashank Srivastava of Cinewingz Creations, distinguished by his film Appreciation credentials from FTII Pune and a prolific portfolio directing ad films and contributing to film direction teams, and Mr. Prashant Kumar Gupta of Reltic Pictures, recognized for producing impactful cinematic ventures such as Mandali, Holy Cow, and the Nepali film Premgeet 3, underscored the transformative potential of this partnership in shaping the future trajectory of the Indian film industry.


For individuals poised to immerse themselves in the realm of film production and glean invaluable insights from luminaries like Mr. Komal Nahta, this collaboration heralds an unparalleled opportunity for growth and enrichment.

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