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“After Hrithik Sir’s Kind Words & Embrace, I Knew My Role Did Justice To The Entire Climax Scene”, Banveen Singh Aka Sukhi In Fighter

The recently released action-packed blockbuster, ‘Fighter,’ has been making waves in the film industry, and one actor, in particular, has been garnering significant attention for his powerful portrayal of Sukhdeep Singh aka Sukhi. Banveen Singh’s portrayal of Sukhi has emerged as a standout performance, earning him praise from both audiences and critics especially for his role in the intense climax scene has been a pivotal element in the movie’s success. As the tension escalated in the film, the climactic showdown involving Sukhi, Patty (Hrithik Roshan) and Azhar (Rishabh Sawhney) became a defining moment. Singh’s ability to convey the emotional weight of his character amidst the high-octane action has left a lasting impression on viewers, contributing to the film’s resonance.




Talking about the scene, Banveen Singh shared insights for the viewers to know, “During the filming of the climax scene, Siddharth sir emphasized its significance, stressing the need for profound emotions. He specifically instructed me to immerse myself in the situation, contemplating the intense pain a dear friend might experience of Bash’s (Akshay Oberoi) tragic death in the scene. To deliver the shot effectively, I dedicated 5-10 minutes beforehand to comprehend and ensure that I approached it with full commitment. Each word uttered by Azhar, from hurting my best mate to setting our Indian flag on fire, I infused ‘Sukhi’ with intense rage and simmering anger. My aim was for the audience to genuinely sense the emotional intensity and impact of those lines. I kept in mind on how crucial was it to showcase Sukhi’s unwavering dedication to the nation, even if he had to take his last breathes. With Siddharth sir’s guidance and pouring my heart and soul into the portrayal, I made sure to aim to convey the emotions tied to our nation, especially in the scene where saying ‘Jai Hind’ carried significant patriotic weight. My goal was to communicate the message that the phrase ‘Jai Hind’ holds for every individual in service, be it an air force officer, army personnel, or a policeman.” 


When talking about what it was like sharing the climax scene with the action superstar, this is what Banveen had to share, “After the scene with Hrithik (Roshan) sir, we shared a moment where he embraced me tightly. His words praising my acting and expressing belief in my future potential were incredibly overwhelming, especially coming from someone as remarkable as him. Upon hearing those words, I was certain that I had done justice to the scene and the entire film. Gratitude overwhelmed me for the opportunity to be part of ‘Fighter’, as it felt like my hard work finally paid off.


Banveen Singh’s performance in the intense climax scene definitely stood as a defining moment in his career. The positive reception to his portrayal of Sukhi not only highlighted his talent but also positioned him as a rising star to watch in the Indian film landscape. With this career-defining role, Banveen Singh has undoubtedly made a mark in the hearts of moviegoers, leaving them eagerly anticipating his future projects.

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