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Plug N Ride Motors Pvt Ltd unveils Innovative Electric Two-Wheeler, “LoadRunner,” at EV Expo

New Delhi, 23rd of December 2023: Zafar Equbal, the visionary founder of Plug N Ride Motors Pvt Ltd, a pioneering force in the electric vehicle sector, proudly introduced its latest innovation, the LoadRunner, at the recent EV EXPO in New Delhi. This 100% indigenous electric two-wheeler is poised to revolutionize last-mile delivery solutions across India.

Loaded with features tailored to meet the specific needs of delivery professionals and personal commuters alike, the LoadRunner is envisioned by Plug N Ride Motors as a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry. The company aims to contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more efficient urban mobility ecosystem.

Founded in 2018, Plug N Ride Motors Pvt. Ltd. is composed of a highly specialized team with a shared mission of providing professional services across various automotive and technological sectors, all dedicated to ensuring long-term sustainability. The company, after 12 years of extensive research in the electric vehicle domain, has transitioned into the electric two/three-wheeler sector, offering customers a comprehensive package that includes quality, comfort, style, and environmental consciousness.

As a pioneer in the Indian electric vehicle market, Plug N Ride Motors has established itself with a diverse product range covering Electric 3W, Electric Cycle, and Electric 2W. The launch of the LoadRunner signifies a significant achievement in the company’s commitment to sustainable and efficient urban mobility.

The LoadRunner, available in both low-speed and high-speed variants, boasts an impressive 100 km range per charge, addressing the crucial need for reliable last-mile delivery solutions. Zafar Equbal, the Founder and CEO, personally unveiled the product at the EV EXPO and expressed confidence in its ability to meet the actual requirements of end-users, particularly in solving first-mile and last-mile delivery challenges on bikes.

Plug N Ride Motors’ dedication to sustainability is evident in their emphasis on green energy and environmental preservation. The company is committed to making electric vehicles a widely accepted mode of transportation, promoting a cleaner and eco-friendly lifestyle. The team collaborates closely with clients to deliver top-notch services focusing on sustainability, innovation, and quality.

Equbal further explained, “The LoadRunner is designed to meet the evolving needs of delivery aggregators and individuals engaged in both delivery services and personal commuting. This robust vehicle provides a compelling solution for the dynamic requirements of the urban transportation landscape.”

In summary, Plug N Ride Motors Pvt. Ltd. stands as a versatile consultancy offering cutting-edge business solutions to individuals and organizations in the automotive industry and technological advancement, all with a commitment to ensuring sustainability. Their differentiator lies in an unwavering commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. With expertise in electric vehicle design, development, plant setup, homologation, and component sourcing, they are well-prepared to assist clients in realizing their business objectives while contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

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